Becoming A Signatory Institution


An institution must enroll in order to use the CIRB as its IRB of record.  The two-part process for enrolling in the CIRB is detailed below.


Verify that all institutions enrolling into the CIRB have a Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) Site Code.

NOTE: Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers must contact the Office of Research and Development prior to beginning the enrollment process with the CIRB and submitting a signed Authorization Agreement and Division of Responsibilities document.


To begin enrollment, an institution must apply for CIRB membership.  This part of the process includes:

  • Submitting an Enrollment Form (for institutions without a local IRB, you must complete and submit the Oversight Questionnaire along with your Enrollment Form)
  • Submitting an Authorization Agreement
  • Establishing the institution's main contact, plus any additional contacts, who will be interacting with the CIRB

After completing Part 1, the institution will then be granted access to CIRB Worksheets to establish the institution’s local context.