Managing Your CTEP Registration


This Quickguide address the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) registration requirement.  All Signatory, Component and Affiliate Institutions and supporting staff on the CIRB roster are required to register with the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP).  The steps for applying for a new CTEP side code, CTEP person ID, Identify and Access Management (IAM) account and managing existing CTEP site code, CTEP person ID, and IAM account are detailed below:


All treating Component and Affiliate Institutions participating in research covered by the CIRB are required to have a unique CTEP site code.  CTEP site codes are assigned by CTEP, not the CIRB. In general, CTEP rules do not allow for departments such as radiation oncology, gynecology, etc. to be assigned individual CTEP site code #/ID.  In addition, any outpatient/medical building that is part of an overall campus would fall under the CTEP site code for the main institution/campus.  Information about the CTEP Site Code is available at CTEP Site Code FAQ.  The procedures for obtaining a CTEP site code are defined below.
If an institution would like to participate in NCI-supported research, they must be either a member of the Lead Network, a Participating Organization (PO), or a non-member collaborator (NMC). The requesting institution would begin by contacting their lead Network or the Lead Protocol Organization (LPO). If the Network would like to add them as a member or NMC, they correspond with CTEP to confirm whether a code exists or needs to be created.


Questions regarding the assignment of a CTEP site code should be directed to the Enterprise Core Unit (ECU) at


All institutional staff requiring access to IRBManager and are listed on the CIRB roster must have an assigned CTEP person ID and an active IAM account.  Both are assigned by the Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU), not the CIRB.  The procedures for obtaining a CTEP person ID and/or CTEP IAM account are defined below:

  • Staff requiring a CTEP person ID or IAM account should go to the CTSU website and navigate to the New Account page.
  • This will redirect you to the IAM website, where staff can click the Request New Account link and follow directions to obtain a new account.
  • An overview of the registration process is available under the CTSU Registration Procedures section of the CTSU website.


Questions about CTEP IAM, as well as who to contact if you have questions, is available at CTSU Help.
Sub-Investigators and other support staff that do not require IRBManager access will continue to maintain access to the CTSU website through their associations on the Networks rosters.