Welcome to the CIRB

The Central Institutional Review Board for the National Cancer Institute

Our priority is to protect the participants in adult and pediatric clinical trials.
We serve institutions across the nation in conducting NCI sponsored research.
Our national team of experts ensures that the studies are reviewed to meet the highest ethical and quality standards.

We are happy to announce that CIRB-approved short form consents are now available on the CTSU website in 11 languages.  These short forms were developed in collaboration with CTSU as part of a multi-year effort.  We hope these forms will assist local institutions by streamlining the enrollment of study participants who do not speak English. A Quickguide, explaining the purpose and use of the short forms, is available.  The CIRB SOPs have also been updated.  The CIRB will be available at the Group/Network meetings this Spring; we encourage you to attend the CIRB presentations on this topic and to stop by the CIRB booth to speak with us in person.

CIRB Operations Office